Monday, 13 May 2019

New Release: Excerpts of Dis Poem Wordz and Agro Festival 2019

Excerpts of the Dis Poem Wordz and Agro Festival 2019 is a recording for Sounds of Life by dj afifa using a Panasonic RR-US511.

Listen to the Excerpts here:

or download it directly here it

Here are the recording notes from dj afifa

These excerpts are produced from a sound recording experiment at the 9th Annual Dis Poem Wordz and Agro festival.

My first recording of the Dis Poem Wordz and Agro festival was in 2017, I was hired to be the selecta at the event. Outdoor music events such as these in Jamaica provide a rich sonic experience. Capturing the dynamics of an event in audio can be an interesting challenge for sound artist. These excerpts are the result of my experiments at the festival.
Typically audio recordings of live events are made by capturing a direct audio signal, this is how I got my recording of the event in 2017. I was connected to the mixing board 36.and got a direct audio signal. The disadvantage of recording like this is that it misses ambiance. At the 2019 edition of Dis Poem I tried to collect some of the ambiance of the event by recording from the audience using a digital mp3 recorder (a Panasonic RR-US511 I used for recording interviews). The recording came out much different than I had expected. Previously I had recorded another poetry event using my Huawei NS L53 and the audio was much clearer.

The audience sat in pavilion style seating facing the stage that was on an open field with the sea behind it. There was a hugh tree hanging over the pavilion. I got to the event at about 2:30pm and started recording immediately. I recorded at least one performance for each poet. I changed location twice during my recording.

I attempted to edit the recordings in Audacity to improve the clarity of the audio, this was not successful.

Factors which affected the clarity of the recording. The first factor was the recording device (Panasonic RR-US511) which records in mono, performances that included music where more muffled than performances with no accompanying music. Recordings which were done earlier in the evening when there was a smaller audience were clearer. Recordings where I was sitting directly at the back of the pavilion as opposed to closer to the stage or to the far left were much clearer.

 Because of the recording device used and the recording condition it is best to listen to the Excerpts using headphones; the audio will be clearer.

Tuesday, 16 April 2019

New Release: Soundscapes

Soundscapes is a project by dj afifa for  Sounds of Life. Each soundscape features material from her favourite netlabels, original nu-music tracks and field recordings. The most recent release features tracks from bump foot, a netlabel bases in Japan.

Download soundscapes here

Track list
dj afifa - sons and daughters of Marcus Garvey compose an unfinished melody
Shin Wada - Dignity, Always Dignity-
dj afifa - the body of a 9 yr old girl
Sciuza - Leaving The Cities
dj afifa - building nations on small islands
Ishii Fuwa - Orbital Eccentricity
ish10 yow1r0 - experimental android work 01
dj afifa - the body of a 9 yr old girl
beatsgo - Da Future
Chico Correa & Electronic Band - Bossinha (Aquilez Remix)
Lavoura - MM Moods
Non m'importa della luna - Uchu (Orquesta Pandroginia Remix)

Saturday, 30 March 2019

DJ afifa remembers the SO((U))Lherverse project

Sounds of Life: What is SO((U))Lherverse?

DJ afifa: SO((U))Lherverse is a series of "mixtapes" or compilations to mark International Women's Day.  In 2012 Amina Doherty approached me with the idea for the collaboration.

Sounds of Life: How did you approach the compilations?

DJ afifa: Amina had the overall idea. We talked about what she wanted each compilation to sound like and then my role was to create something around that. The core was always selecting a diverse range of female voices. That was the first challenge organizing the selection. I knew i wanted to do something different with the 3rd compilation. I was able to include a conversation with the selections. I experimented with live recording of a conversation at the SO((U))L HQ. I also thought it would be cool to include selections by another dj, Ear Audigy who i was working closely with at the time at Zanj Radio. The selections came from all three of us Ear Audigy, Amina and myself. I just wanted it to be interesting to listen to.

Sounds of Life: What do remember most about the project?

DJ afifa: It was something i looked forward to doing. i remember the last one the most. Recording the live conversation at the HQ. It was a cool reasoning that night i am glad we could have done it that way.