Sound Artists

Dj Afifa is a selecta from Jamaica. She works on sound projects and makes spaces inspired by music.

She has been working on sound art since 2009. She has co founded two spaces; the SO((U))L HQ and Di Institute for Social Leadership in Jamaica. She currently works in between both of these spaces. She has a two weekly programmes on ZanJ Radio. The Electromagneticradiation and Crocus Bag a tings.
Mixcloud: dj afifa

Dj Zanj Racc Is the founder of world music platform, ZANJ RADIO, where he is a music curator, sound artist, DJ/presenter & producer. ZANJ RADIO is currently based in Kingston, Jamaica. His interest revolves around a deep love for sounds from all parts of the globe.

Instagram: zanjradio
Mixcloud: zanj-rracc